The Gallery Archive

This is an online gallery for London Group members. It will present 3 shows per year which are curated and launched through our Newsletter. Members will be invited to take over this space to create a unique art work of words / images / video / sounds and anything else that can exist online.


Aug 2022 / A Passage in Life

Collage and handmade oil paints on canvas by Wendy Anderson LG


Mar 2022 / Residue

Documentation of installation by Beverley Duckworth LG

Oct 2021 / aUDIOMAPS (RE-imagined)

Collaborative audio/visual work by Stephen Carley LG.

Jun 2021 / NFT Implosion (2021)

Micheál O’Connell / MOCKSIM LG interferes with our online gallery

March 2021 / Weaving in the Dark

A collaborative audiovisual experiment made by 32 London Group members in 2021

Nov 2020 / MOMENTS

Works by Tricia Gillman LG, a London Group member since 1988

Aug 2020 / Fuzzy Phone

Gif art by Sandra Crisp LG, a London Group member since 2018

Mar 2020/ Surface noise

A drawing performance, sonogram and prints by Victoria Arney LG, a London Group member in 2010

Nov 2019 / which is without being

A sonic art work by Jockel Liess LG, a London Group member in 2018

May 2019 / Watermusic (interactive) 2019

An installation made in collaboration between Susan Haire, President of The London Group since 2007 and Stephen Dydo has been converted into an interactive online work by Genetic Moo, active London Group members since 2010

Jan 2019 / 4 RANDOM PIECES

by Annie Johns LG whose practice spans drawing, installation, objects and photography. Annie has been an active London Group member since 2000.

Sept 2018 / A Timetable Aslant : School Leavers’ Last Day

by Michael Phillipson LG whose practice spans painting, printing, photography, objects, and sound. Michael has been an active London Group member since 2002.