Stathis Dimitriadis

My making resides at the convergence of conceptual art, craft, and poetry. My interest derives from how the material qualities of a thing influence our understanding of its function.

I predominately work with clay, found objects, text fragments and verses. I love clay because it’s so primitive on one end and so technical on the other and this polarity keeps my curiosity alive. I equally love the flaws of language as a communication tool and the traces of past experiences in found objects. By playfully assembling and mixing these elements in my work, I try to create paradoxical and metaphorical associations.

I was born in Greece, live and work in London. I trained as a potter and continued with an MA in Fine Arts by project at the Cass, LondonMet.

I was a finalist for the Royal Sculptors Public Art Award 2015, the National Sculpture Prize 2016 and the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2016. My work was included in ceramic Biennials and public collections in Portugal, Spain, Austria, Germany and Romania.

Instagram – @stathis_dimitriadis