Ade Adesina

Ade Adesina, born in Nigeria, is an artist currently living and working in Aberdeen, Scotland. Ade previously studied printmaking at Grays School of Art, Aberdeen. He was elected as a Royal Scottish Academician in 2017 and a member of the Royal Glasgow Institute of the Arts, also in 2017.

Method of Working

I am a traditional printmaker, painter and sculptor with a modern twist. I work mostly with linocut, etching, woodcarving, and oil. I combine my African cultural roots with British culture and also the cultures that I encounter travelling. I produce work that makes people reflect on the past, present, and the future.

Artist’s Statement

My work is a visual commentary around the ideas of ecology and our ever-changing world. I am fascinated by how the human footprint is affecting our planet.

Our world is full of wonderful landscapes and I wish to highlight the continual damage caused by things such as deforestation, the politics of energy consumption, and endangered wild species.

My practice is influenced by my experiences of travel and the imagery that I encounter. In recent years I have spent time in Italy, Nigeria, Germany, America, Dubai, Canada, and the Scottish Islands. I try to immerse myself in different cultures and collect a variety of imagery to use in my next body of work. I enjoy researching and visualizing the difference between countries both historically and culturally. My ideas come from the places that I have visited and I source information from documentaries and current affairs.