A Passage in Life

This season’s online exhibition by Wendy Anderson LG

Collage and handmade oil paints on canvas by Wendy Anderson LG


“Cadmium Couple” 2022, 71×76 cms


“Red Taipei Lung” 2022, 41x 52cms


“Emmeline” 2022, 61x 78cms


“Seoul Winter 908” 2022, 150x 60cms


“Seoul Winter 16K” 2022, 150x 60cms


These recent works are from a series of paintings made during 2022 and include references from a diverse range of activities, both at home and abroad.

Many years of travel has surfaced in a various range of notations and records of places I have been that find themselves within the paintings. Numbers from hotel rooms, flights, rubbings from a roman temple to collected newspaper photographs, act as an aid memoir and take me back to a particular place and time. Other references come from myself, prints from my hand, mouth, face and air from my lungs. A balloon blown from my breath for a work in Taipei, then came back to London decompressed but a record of that episode of my life.

“Emmeline” was a work made specifically after making a pilgrimage to Emmeline Pankhurst’s grave in Brompton Cemetery, London. I took rubbings from the grave stone and have recorded important women from my life. A tribute but also a painting.

My methods of using colour has developed over the years and colour takes time, as I make my own oil paints, using pigments from specific locations and countries. I love how an under colour can so radically affect another colour. Each painting is a kind of journey for me, a passage in life.

Wendy Anderson LG 2022

website: wendyanderson.org
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