Ece Clarke

My work is broad in scope – painting, sculpture and etching – and I use a wide range of media, including oil and acrylic, bitumen and shellac in my paintings.

My current interest centres on the underlying harmonies, patterns and rhythms within all things; the hidden energy within nature as revealed in everything around us and within us. I draw inspiration from this raw energy and emotion. The materials have their own role and guide me to a result which is consistent with the nature from which they are drawn.

Just as the materials transform the paper on which I often work, the paintings may be developed further into different three-dimensional shapes, held together by the natural strength of magnets. The forms may include cylinders, which create a natural ambiguity; one cannot view the totality of the work from a singular perspective, so there will always be an invisible side open to speculation.

This use of form seeks to break the traditional relationship of observer and painting, in which the observer looks for an understanding of the representational references conveyed by a painting. My intention is to create work that stands on its own and has to be addressed for what it is, without reference or context.