Fuzzy Phone

Sandra Crisp LG takes over our online space with gif art.


Fragments of borrowed online visuals are layered together and explore the limits of motion, transparency, compression, and pattern dithering. A large fuzzy mobile phone, odd metal tree-sculpture photographed in the city and other disconnected fragments are animated across an 8-frame timeline.

Sandra Crisp LG, 2016

Sandra Crisp is part of THE ART OF NO LIKES, an online project curated by Zaiba Jabbar HERVISIONS as part of ARBYTE ON SCREEN (AOS) Arbyte Gallery.  Crisp will be participating in a panel for The Art of No Likes in Sept, date to be announced. She will be also be contributing text and images to the Transmissions series through the imprint invert/extant press which will collected into a book (invertextant.com)’ curated by Jared Pappas Kelly.

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