Diaro ‘Del Pueblo’ Premavera 2024

(Diary from ‘The Village’ Spring 2024)
Clive Burton LG



‘El Pueblo’ (The Village) is a permanently sited on-going and changing Art Installation in the Rural Mountain Village of Polopos in Southern Andalusia Spain.

The concept and content is the spiritual presence of used and found objects their relationship with the people that used, worked, owned, and lived with them, in the context of the environment.

The poetic narrative is embedded in the fabric of enforced and serendipitous unions creating a visual, physical often social, personal, sensual, political, humorous, anthropological dialogue and language, which is unique to each scenario as well as the whole.

The enablement of a sense of ‘timeless being’, encapsulated spiritual energy and soul of the Contraviesa Mountains and peoples, is to be felt and deciphered by an interactive and contributing viewer.

(The creative stand-alone video collage here is a compilation from a collection of small videos taken in the Installation over the recent period.)

Clive Burton

The London Group since 1987 … Slade School of Art 1969/71 … Chippenham Wiltshire 1947 …


Attributing :
Installations and Videos … Clive Burton
Video Collage and Creative Sequencing … Nicola Schauerman

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