Paul & Laura Carey

Paul and Laura Carey are the first joint members of the London Group: figurative sculptors devoted to developing and exploring celebrity, race and sexuality.

Continuously discussing and developing ideas together their concepts are a result of shared feelings and; passion towards the human form. Paul and Laura have introduced the use of modern materials and technologies and are passionate about the links between Art and Science.

The Careys also have a shared interest in physiognomy and biometrics they have researched the portrait for many years creating tenable connections to the human personality and facial expression.

Paul and Laura’s mirrored careers, as figurative sculptors, have spanned over thirty years which extend from a post art school period initially making portraits for Madame Tussauds. During the eighties and nineties they started developing their own work and producing portraits and sculpture for exhibitions and private commissions.

The Careys are currently exploring through their work the reactions and preconceptions of the audience, exploiting the tangible relationships between identity, material and scale.