Sir Frank Bowling OBE RA

Art should treat of life, pathologising; pictures must give balm in a manner that no other man made substance can, inhabiting and leading the viewer into the spirit world, a world wherein we meet the ancestors.

My pictures have always been about seeing; looking, appearing. The work sets out, at the same, to be multifaceted and of a piece. In much the way Classical African Art and Sepic River sculptures are made from a single chunk of wood.

Working, as is my practice, Ioosely on the floor and on the wall. When things are on the floor I reflect it is rather like seeing an image in a clear stretch of water.

And after a time taking the piece to the wall. One to one, like looking into and at a mirror, several mirrors and the reflections therein. The truing and faring. A task of finally seeing if you favour the ancestors, The ones teaching us still how to proceed, how to walk, how to conduct ourselves from beginning to end. Most of these pieces are named for friends helping me in my search.