J. Yuen Ling Chiu

Printmaking is a method of visual inquiry like no other.

It asks us to use our imperfect bodies to attempt perfect replication, to review what came before in order to make decisions about what comes next, to reach back into a rich and complex history in order to unlock a sustainable future.

A print can be in many places, all at once. It does not need to be connected, turned on or updated. It can be high and low, common and precious, intimate and removed. It can be both extremely accessible and yet, almost impossible.

Ling’s work employs printmaking to explore notions of memory, migration and empire, the traces of which are all around us. The visual research is diverse – from dockyards to highrises, to pigeons and plantlife, to music and play, but all of the work is underpinned by a strong dedication to developing a practice that is sustainable, inclusive and fit for our uncertain tomorrow.

Website: www.inkedtwice.com