Victoria Bartlett

I mould paper and shape cloth and other materials to make relief forms and wall sculpture.

I am interested in the environment we create for ourselves. The objects we choose and use that reflect our thoughts and images.

I have always been inspired by the ancient art of relief sculpture which for centuries has expressed wordless myths and ideas.

It embraces the space between three dimensional actuality and two dimensional illusion.
It invites our imagination and involvement.

I use quiet translucent colour and white surfaces which respond to the variations of light and shadow suggesting changing forms and points of view.

I studied Painting and sculpture at Camberwell School of Art
and Reading University

Early solo exhibitions 1974 – 1976 were in the USA.

Other solo exhibitions :

1981 Camden Art Centre,
1981 Edward Totah Gallery London
1985 Gallerie Simoncini, Luxembourg
1987 and 1991 Benjamin Rhodes Gallery, London
1994 Peralta Pictures
2007 and 2012 Piers Feetham Gallery

Numerous Group Exhibitions include:

The London Group since 1978
Browse & Darby Gallery 1994 – 2005 exhibiting at the Chicago International Art Fair 1995.
The Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions, also exhibitions in Australia, France, Poland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland and the USA.

My work is represented in public and private collections in the UK and abroad.