Lisa Traxler

“Lisa Traxler’s artworks bring physical existence back into the room. Her work gives us an opportunity to regain trust in the complexity of human experience and the knowledge that, while it may be difficult to fully recognise the entirety of what we see, within each part of the puzzle our own perspective can make a valuable contribution.” Jillian Knipe 2021

The exploration of 2d to 3d, one informing the other. My sculpture and painting often recall the schemes of earlier works giving rise to interpretation and further possibilities. This duality between the bi-dimensional wall based planes and the spatial physicality of floor established works is an ongoing dialogue. Materials are carefully selected, often with an industrial bias. The paint is applied, a juxtaposition of shade and tone creating rhythm across the surface activated once the shapes are slotted into place, comparable to the cut and join of fabric to produce a garment. The form of the construction is familiar from the maquette relationship but the cohesion of colour and scale is revealed once the pieces are in situ. The fragility and transience of the world and our architectural imprint on it are the physical environment that encourages my palette and expression.

A former fashion editor and costume designer, the natural evolution of Traxler’s thought process is evident in her artworks from spacial configuration to the intricacy of colour. Her recent Arts Council England Awards enabled the solo exhibition, ‘Blast Wall’ at The Foundry Gallery, Chelsea, 2021 and ‘Dazzle + Disrupt’ Quay Arts, IW 2021, to enrich her practice empowering new bodies of work and a fuller analysis of her unique slotted sculptures. Her solo exhibition ‘Time Traveller’ will continue this investigation of space and form at Southampton City Art Gallery in 2022.

Lisa Traxler is also a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors (elected 2017) and the Royal Watercolour Society (elected 2015). Her enamelled steel sculpture, ‘Beauty Chorus’ was exhibited in the London Group Open 2017 and her recycled paper and resin composite sculpture ‘Division’ was exhibited and won the Jeff Lowe Sculpture Award, the London Group Open 2019.