Annie Johns

“Making makes, say, boxes and the boxes may be good to look at, but making always matters: so, if anything is to be made to last, it might as well be the making as the box”*

I make objects, drawings and small installations containing repetitive formal devices, often using fragile materials (wax, fuse wire, kapok, paper bags, gold leaf, ash, hemp, bitumen, gesso). Drawings are made up of many layers, a simple line transformed into a frenzy of marks. The material is often the work not just a surface. I am not usually concerned with the application of colour, only that which is integral to the chosen material. It is important that the work is task orientated and time consuming (often recorded and becoming part of a piece), associated with the manipulation of the onlooker’s viewpoint and the difficulty of expression through language.

The work may begin with a memory, a single word from something read, a transformation of a familiar view or thoughts on geography, botany, exorcism of common predicaments.

*David Sylvester talking about Robert Morris’ piece ‘Box with the sound of its own making’