Bryan Benge

My current working practice is informed by an investigation into the use of LTM (Long Term Memory), particularly episodic memory/ schemata that refer to specific events in time (autobiographical).

My reading is at an early stage but already has introduced me to the concept of MTT (Mental Time Travel), the ability to mentally project oneself in time to relive past experiences, (or future ones). In somewhat of a paradox It is past experiences/memory that preoccupy me at the present time. MTT is a concept being investigated by Canadian Psychologist Endel Turvig.

The concept of MTT is not to be confused with the accounts within hypnosis where persons are regressed to an historical past (Imagined/real or otherwise). MTT deals with perceptual events in the here and now such as sound, smell, vision, taste ,touch that can transport us back to an autobiographical experience.

I therefore use the title Episodic Schemata to demonstrate the current works reference to memory of specific events in my past times, while schemata refer to mental models of the world.

It is these models that I am constructing at the present time in a digital format. Using LTM in creating these visual models from my past. I hope to recover some aspect of emotional memories that may or may not elicit an un/conscious psychological/physiological reaction with in a shared audience.