Erika Winstone

My work is the result of an ongoing dialogue between video and painting; I work with time, change and a shifting sense of presence or absence. I particularly focus on relationships between people captured on film through sound, rhythms, words and movement.

I use video as a screen to filter how individuals relate from different periods in time. Out of disparate encounters, correspondences occur. I mix both personal everyday observation and feature film often working repeatedly from certain individuals in a range of scenarios for example Heath Ledger, Charlie Chaplin, my daughter. This includes relationships between who we are, and who we would like to be.

I work with gesture. However in contrast to traditional gestural abstraction, my gestures are attempts to transitively capture the words, actions and communications of others. An energy emerges from countless repeated attempts to capture individuals’ communications both spontaneous and performed from different eras.

Sometimes I revisit sites used as a source for the work. These are returned to, to film what happens when the paintings are placed in current situations related to performances from which they were originally drawn. Often the unforeseen occurs and the works are subsequently developed integrating the unexpected and others’ response or obliviousness as part of their fabric.

This work creates space to contemplate a dialogue between that which is in motion and that which is formed however transitorily.