This series by Tricia Gillman LG aims to locate, document and process the moment by moment awareness of being conscious.


Moments 1: Minds Eye


Moments 2: Felt Sense


Moments 3: Beneath The Skin

Artists Statement

As the works evolve, they construct and deconstruct themselves, mirroring the emergence and dissolving of thoughts, feelings and sensations as they unfold within the container of the medium.

Drawing is like breathing, sensing directly, and evolving the work on raw canvas, feels like the way a tablecloth, a sheet, or a wall collects stains, or the skin we live in rides its years. Materials chosen, are “of the earth,” (charcoal, graphite, pastel,) somehow elemental, like dust, pollen or sediment.

Things seen, everyday oddments, notes to oneself, collision, anxiety, emptiness, clarity; this is the bric-a brac accumulation of mind-time and body-listening.

Accretions of response and adjustment; thoughts and felt sense surrender to the moment, bearing witness to the continuum of the “now” and the lure of the half-formed, latent state. Touch, layering, erasure, become material embodiments for experience, accumulating the real-time spaces of presence.

A residual language, an eroded surface and place emerge, mapping the imprint of being here, awareness, steadfastness, vulnerability; an indexical notation for life’s touch.

The slow and generous act of looking negotiates this intimacy of consciousness.

Tricia Gillman LG


Moment by Moment 1


Moment by Moment 2


list of works in order of appearance:
Moments 1: Minds Eye 2019 Pencil, charcoal, pastel on unprimed cotton duck 187x102x3cms
Moments 2: Felt Sense 2019 Pencil, charcoal, pastel on unprimed cotton duck 180×86.5×3 cms
Moments 3: Beneath The Skin 2019 Pencil, charcoal and pastel on unprimed cotton duck 180x86x3cms
Moment by Moment 1 (blue) 2016 151x10cms. acrylic on canvas
Moment by Moment 2. 2016. acrylic on canvas

Tricia Gillman has been selected for a range of important shows going into the new year:

John Moores Painting Prize
The Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2020
Touring to:
Drawing Projects UK, Trowbridge, 2 – 31 October
Cooper Gallery, Dundee, 13 – 19 December
Trinity Buoy Wharf, London, 9 – 22 January
The Gallery, Arts University Bournemouth, Spring 2021 (tbc)
Wales Contemporary
A Personal Perspective, APT, London
An online exhibition of artworks chosen by Liz May to celebrate 18 years at APT : 2002 to 2020

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