Claire Parrish

A strong reoccurring emotion is my starting point for collecting thousands of internet images.

This helps me locate and explore the presenting emotion, find out how images relate to the correlating metaphors, and build a network which I return to as work proceeds.

Images are freely drawn on all sides of two maybe three sheets of translucent plastic film without any reference to where the drawings are placed. Working on multiple sheets and multiple pieces, I flip, invert and interchange drawn sheets to set up challenges, crashes and opportunities. The entirely flexible nature of image, material, emotional response and metaphor, feels like setting up a series of interconnected revolving doors: drawings suspended over each other build up, then spin, separate, distort, expand, and wriggle; they reveal, tangle, hide and shred. The additional bonus of working with graphite on film, is that over time, fingerprints, smudges, rubbings out and scraping away, build up into dense surface patination of marks, embodying the will for transparency of both content and process.