recent paintings / Ian Parker

“…Things unmade, remembered, forgotten. ” This season’s online exhibition by Ian Parker LG.


In whatever form it takes my work is grounded in the material practice of painting, the modernist notion of painting as matter, its status and process as material. A work may start with a specific idea or as a vague reaction; a response to a thought, a feeling, a shape, diagrams or map colour keys, found photographic imagery, screen grabs, studio paraphernalia, everyday domestic objects, observational drawings, a piece of information. This might be emotional, political, aesthetic, material or intellectual and mostly all these things together.

1. 36 x 28 x 2, Acrylic, oil, wax and marker pen on linen, 2021
2. 36 x 28 x 2, Acrylic, oil and marker pen on linen on panel, 2021/22
3. 36 x 28 x 2, Acrylic, oil and marker pen on linen, 2021/22
4. 36 x 28 x 2, Acrylic, oil and tape on linen, 2021/22
5. Oxytocin, 43.5 x 31.5 x 4.5, Acrylic, oil, timber, tape, pencil on panel, 2021
6. ‘Manifest destiny’,13 x 18 x 2, Oil, acrylic and gel on MDF, 2021/22
7. ‘Colour me gone’, 40 x 60 x 2 cm, Acrylic, fluorescent acrylic, oil and marker pen on cotton duck on panel. 2021/22 (+ detail )
8. Things unmade, remembered, forgotten, 88.5 x 62cm. Marker pen, acrylic, oil, pencil, graph paper, collage, P90 tape, 2021/22
9. Vasopressin (Kinds of love), Acrylic, fluorescent acrylic and marker pen on cotton duck, 2022 (+ detail)

Ian Parker LG, 2022
Instagram: @iparkermurl

To learn more about Parker’s practice, see A Question Of Process #15

Work included in The Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2022. Initially at Trinity Buoy Wharf, Sept-Oct 2022, currently at Willis Museum and Sainsbury Gallery, Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK 26 Oct 2022-22 Jan 2023, then, ArtHouse Jersey, 9 Feb – 26 Mar 2023.

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