John Crossley

John Crossley lives and works in London, he has exhibited widely across the U.K and Internationally. He has works both in Public and Private collections around the world.

In his contemplative yet commanding paintings, John Crossley harnesses our sensitivity to nuances of colour change to comment on the subtle perceptions of mood and emotionthat appear as constants in us all. Abstract images are formed from multiple layers of colour, finely amalgamatedinto an accumulated tracery creating a compelling invitation to engage in an intimate dialogue.

Offering enquiry rather than posing a hypothesis, the works deal with the shifting space and climate of human relating: a sense of distance or closeness, inclusion or exclusion, the polarity of our humanity. Crossley does not avoid the sensual, but exploits it as an intense vehicle for communication. A new world evolves through the process of adding and subtracting; until a form and a space emerge that speak of renegotiation and restoration.

His latest series of paintings utilize colours that are more directly reminiscent of the softness found in the natural environment. The delicate composition of form and colour suggest the deliberate weaving of multiple narratives. Never the less the work hints at exuberance and the anticipation of radiance.