Chris Horner

My artworks explore the relationship between artist and material as I transform pre-used building materials into new painted sculptural artworks.

I like to restore life back into these pre-used building materials which were once important and wanted and experienced a feeling of appreciation and value when used on the building site. When I have free time away from my studio I find myself supporting my Dad in the building trade, so many materials and elements which I use in my work comes from the building site. I operate with building materials like; cement, plaster, building sand, strong liquidizes, with art supplies; glosses, acrylics, oils, turpentine’s, etc. I create experiments which originate from an invented movement called an ‘Unknown working process’, this is when both pre-used building materials and art supplies are mixed together in order to find out how they might function differently when put in an obscure process. I get most excited when I start to see something happening, shapes and forms morphing into one another, as if the surface carries a sense of movement. Once a collision between the pre-used building materials and art supplies has been made, I start to work on top of the new reconstructed surface as I want to acknowledge and illustrate this state of transformation. A gap consistently appears in my work due to the alignment between intention and process becoming disabled. It is this gap which makes the outcome more interesting, as inclusions of chance processes start to ignite modes of risk taking. When making each piece I not only like to challenge myself, I like to distort the mind of the viewer where familiar associations are interrupted by themes relating to the unfamiliar.