Susan Haire

Vanishing Point, a long term work-in-progress, has involved sculpture, installation, photography, video and collaboration with three composers…

…including London Group member Mike Liggins. It had its inception in the book Ishmael by Daniel Quinn which describes hunter-gatherers as Leavers and settlers as Takers (us).

Much of my work uses recycled materials and I have been picking up little bits of litter off the streets of London and putting them in my pocket. I used the litter (eg bottle tops, cheese rind, a water balloon) to make this series of photographs, A Pocketful of Posies and, as is often my approach, I embraced spontaneity both before and after taking the photographs. The posy represents the ritual offerings of traditional societies many of which are fast vanishing. An illustration of this is that ‘of today’s spoken languages half are not being taught to children and will disappear within 50 years – and with each a culture dies’. Wade Davis, social anthropologist (transcription).

Work from the last five years:

Work prior to that: