“Wish You/We Were Here/There” in Liechtenstein +

The London Group at the Küefer Martis Huus, Liechtenstein 2021 & BOOKARTBOOKSHOP, London 2022

This postcard exhibition will run concurrently with the exhibition “Der Stand der Dinge” in Liechtenstein, postponed from 2020: 

09.10.–24.10.: Damiano Curschellas, Simon Kindle, Carol Wyss LG & The London Group

The Küefer Martis Huus is an over 370-year-old traditional Barock Farmhouse. It has been carefully renovated beginning of the 21 Century and has since been in use as a Cultural Centre and Museum for the region. It has a well-received and visited exhibition and events program. There will be a PV on the 9 October from 3-8pm (slow opening because of the rise of Covid cases in the area) The show will be up from the 9-24 October 2021  

The next venue will be in London at the BOOKARTBOOKSHOP

8-22 April 2022 

The BOOKARTBOOKSHOP stocks publications of some of Britain’s best-known artist presses and publishers of artists’ books, as well as books from abroad. The shop is a centre and a service for individual & institutional collectors, artists, publishers and the aesthetically and bibliographically curious.

Wish You/We Were Here/There
organised by Sumi Perera LG 

Küefer-Martis-Huus Lichtenstein, photo by Carol Wyss