The London Group at Bankside

The London Group’s major exhibition opens at the Bankside Gallery.

24th November – 5th December

The London Group at Bankside
24th November – 4th December

PV: 6 – 9 pm, Wednesday 23rd November 2022
48 Hopton Street, London SE1 9JH

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Bankside Gallery is proving to be the perfect space for our next London Group Annual Exhibition. As well as being a beautiful, light and busy venue close to the Thames and Tate Modern, their team could not be more helpful and enthusiastic.

We last exhibited at Bankside well over a decade ago, so this is a new location for many, including myself. Organising the show has been especially enjoyable because the architecture and layout have sparked fresh possibilities and approaches.

In addition to exhibiting members’ work in the main gallery, everyone has the opportunity of showing a second piece in a mini exhibition of A5-size pieces which will be displayed along the walls of a wide corridor space. And, if visitors to the exhibition want to take an artwork away with them immediately rather than waiting until the end of the show, there will also be a display rack containing a selection of superb unframed paintings, drawings and prints by London Group artists to browse through and buy.

A considerable strength of The London Group is the diversity of art practices encompassed – painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, digital work etc. Every medium is given equal weight and importance and, with this in mind, a focal point at Bankside will be a dedicated booth showing members’ films and videos on a large screen, along with seating for viewers.

One of my own favourite features of Bankside are the elegant gallery vitrines. These will be put to excellent use by London Group archivist, David Redfern, who will curate a display of posters and catalogues celebrating the Group’s extraordinary 109-year history.

The restrictions of the last couple of years meant we were unable to honour the work of members Janet Nathan and Arthur Wilson who both passed away in 2020. Tommy Seaward is therefore organising textual and visual dedications to these exceptional artists, as well as to Dame Paula Rego RA LG (1935-2022). The memorials will be another important feature of the exhibition. A Dame Paula Rego artwork is on loan courtesy of the Cristea Roberts Gallery.

                                                                 Reynisdrangar, Janet Nathan

Helping with London Group shows is always a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow members. I was so pleased when, as soon as The London Group at Bankside was announced, several artists offered their time and skills. More hands on deck are still needed so please feel free to email me: [email protected]

Finally, I’m delighted that Tom Scase is co-organising the show with me. Tom has installed countless major exhibitions at the Barbican and, over the years, we’ve curated shows at the Jamaican High Commission in London and Highgate Literary & Scientific Institution together. Tom is super-professional when it comes to hanging and The London Group at Bankside is guaranteed to look fresh and dynamic.

We really do hope that everyone will take part.

Charlotte C Mortensson LG, 2022

                                                                                              Arthur Wilson