RIP Arthur Wilson and Janet Nathan

It is very sad that we have lost two members since the last newsletter, Arthur Wilson and Janet Nathan.

They were highly regarded artists who coincidentally both made constructions. Arthur’s were geometric and intricately made of painted paper and associated sheet material and Janet’s were generally wall pieces of painted, salvaged wood and found objects. 

 Regrettably due to lockdown it wasn’t possible for any members to attend their funerals in the customary way that we would have liked and as they were both longstanding members many of us would have particularly wanted to have paid our respects. 

Sea Scape, Arthur Wilson

Arthur Wilson died on 2 March, just before lockdown and his funeral was held on 24 March. He was born in 1927 and joined the Group in 1968, so he was a member for over half a century until he formally stood down from the Group due to ill health. 

His daughter Lucy wrote that he relished his time as a London Group member, enjoying both the exhibitions and private views and much credit goes to Arthur and his wife, Ivy, for making a big effort to ensure he showed in London Group exhibitions right up to the end of his membership even though he was very frail. 

Arthur leaves a very caring family – Ivy and their five children, Anthony, Richard, Tim and Tansy as well as Lucy. 

Janet Nathan died in on 4 July and her funeral was on 14 July. She was born in 1938 and joined the Group in 1984.

In the 1980s Janet made a significant contribution to a series of major UK shows entitled Coloured Construction curated by LG members John Crossley and Eric Moody. 

Janet was happily married to Patrick Caulfield from 1999-2005 and leaves three sons Paul, Lloyd and Elliotfrom a previous marriage. 

Reynisdrangar, Janet Nathan