Introducing our new members 2020

Welcome to our new members! Let’s introduce them and hear what it means to join the Group

The six have a range of approaches from the microscopic to large scale installations using new technologies, old technologies and even pre-used building materials. Their diverse ages, experience and backgrounds will bring exciting new dynamics to the group. This new crop brings the current London Group membership to over 100 members which is the largest it has ever been.

Let’s introduce them and hear what it means to join the Group

Maya Ramsay

I am delighted to have been selected to join the London Group. I’ve been attending LG exhibitions since I was a small child and have always very much enjoyed the quality and diversity of the works exhibited. I first exhibited my work with the London Group at the LG Open in 2009 where I was thrilled to be awarded a prize by Albert Irvin. I also exhibited work in the LG Open Centenary in 2013, where I was awarded the LG Solo Show Award. This was my first solo exhibition and was a wonderful opportunity to be able to exhibit a body of work in the beautiful Cello Factory. Recently I exhibited in the LG Open 2020 and was awarded the Artlyst prize for my sculpture Leave or Remain. I very much look forward to being able to contribute to the group in the future. Maya Ramsay, 2020

Beverley Duckworth

When I heard that my work had been selected for the London Group Open (2019) I was thrilled at the prospect of showing alongside members of this prestigious artists’ collective. I never dreamt that, three months later, I would also be elected as a member of the group! Attending the various events surrounding the Open, I was struck by the friendly welcome that I received and really appreciated the opportunity to meet and get to know both members and selected artists. Being an artist can be an isolating experience so I look forward to reciprocating the welcome and extending it to new artists in the years to come. And of course, I’m very much looking forward to collaborating with other members and contributing to the group!  Beverley Duckworth, 2020

Paul Bonomini

I first heard of The London Group through my friend, fellow sculptor and LG member Alexandra Harley. I went to a number of LG shows in the car park, the churchyard at Waterloo, and The Cello Factory. Finally with Alex’s encouragement I submitted my sculpture Stakkr for the 2019 LG open at The Cello Factory. I was thrilled to be invited by Susan Haire, to show a larger series of Stakkr pieces at The Valley of Vision show in June, and really excited to be presenting new work at The Cello Factory in August with Linda Simon and Maybelle Peters, fellow winners of The Presidents Prize 2019. I of course look forward to showing, perhaps collaborating with other members of this vibrant group of interesting and diverse artists. I hope to be able to offer the same support and encouragement to new members in the future. 
Paul Bonomini, 2020

Chris Horner

Being a member of The London Group is a true honour and something which I am very proud off. I was on the internet looking for artist opportunities when I first came across The London Group. The collective was advertising The London Group Open 2019 exhibition, this gave me an opportunity to research more into the group and gain a better understanding of the history and what The London Group are trying to achieve as an art collective. I was extremely engaged with what I read so I had no hesitation when it came to applying for the opportunity. I was delighted when I received news that my piece ‘Space Of Play’ was selected for the exhibition, I was really looking forward to meeting all The London Group Members! The welcome I got was incredible, one which was sincere and warm! This reception gave me even more of an incentive to get myself into The London Group. The Open was a memorable experience not just because it was an exhibition which was formulated excellently, but because I was very fortunate to have received a prize, The JPES Partnership Prize this really did conclude an amazing experience and one I would never forget. When I knew I had been elected to become a new member I was ecstatic, a real dream come true as I knew I would be collaborating and working alongside artists who have so much pedigree. I now know that I will be learning all the time and my art skills will only enhance and I will develop as an artist. 
Chris Horner, 2020

Bethany Marett

Having been aware of the Group for a few years now since studying at Kensington & Chelsea College, I am delighted to have been elected to the membership, I graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2018 with an MA in Print however with my practice now predominantly concerned with materials and sculptural processes, it marks an exciting development for me to identify and exhibit as a sculptor. Being in Part 1 of the Open in November was a very fulfilling experience (behind the scenes pic of me demoulding my sculpture ‘Corpus’ attached!) and I would like to thank all the members who were so encouraging and interested in my work. I look forward to the many opportunities for growth and collaboration that I anticipate being in The London Group will present! 
Bethany Marett, 2020

Ade Adesina

It is a great honor to have been nominated to become a member of The London Group by Sumi Perera. I met Sumi in London a couple of years ago and we have kept in touch and followed each other work since then. When Sumi mentioned that she was going to nominate me to join The London Group I was more than honored to be nominated to be part of a group with so much history. The London Group consists of many artists who have inspired me through art school and to date. I am really looking forward to contributing to the group and also to have the privilege of being able to work alongside so many great artists. 
Ade Adesina, 2020