Bethany Marett

My work concerns the corporeal and all the contrasting and conflicting aspects inherent; how bodies are sensual, beautiful, ugly, damaged, idealised, sexual, abject, gendered, delicate.

Distorting and re-configuring my own body, I work in the liminal state between abstract and figurative, in a way that is simultaneously sensual and beautiful, yet disturbingly uncanny.

As an experimental and interdisciplinary artist, I operate in a variety of mediums, primarily sculpture and printmaking. My current interest revolves around casting the negative spaces of the body, particularly those parts which as a woman, I am told are ‘too fat’, ‘too big’, of which I ‘should feel ashamed’. I want my work to empower and to challenge conventional representations of the body. The resulting sculptures are sweeping abstract forms, that intrigue and blur the boundary between landscape and figure. Materials that have bodily qualities – such as silicone, resin, and latex fascinate me, as I present a re-imagining of the body looking from the inside out.