Der Stand der Dinge 

Damiano Curschellas, Simon Kindle, Carol Wyss & The London Group at the Küefer Martis Huus in Liechtenstein

This is the final part of the exhibition series ‘Der Stand der Dinge’ – The State of Affairs – at the Küefer Martis Huus in Liechtenstein. The exhibition series was conceived and curated by Johannes Imana and started in Summer 2020 to take stock after the first wave of Covid. I was invited to show work together with the artists Simon Kindle and Damiano Curschellas, two contemporary artists living and working in Switzerland.

Due to the ever-changing situation, the exhibition had to be postponed twice. At the beginning of October 2021, I finally was able to take the London Group postcard exhibition ‘Wish You/We were Here/There’ together with my installation URBS to Liechtenstein.

The Küefer Martis Huus is an over 300-year-old traditional Barock Farmhouse that was carefully renovated at the beginning of the 21 Century and has since been in use as a Cultural Centre and Museum for the region, with a well-received exhibition and events programme. 

On arrival and after deciding which rooms we’d each use, I installed with the help of the curator of the house, Johannes Imana, our postcard exhibition on the first floor in a room which would originally have been used as a bedroom. The postcard exhibition is an ongoing project curated by Sumi Perera for The London Group. Installed on over 300-year-old wooden walls, the postcards brought a sense of international exchange to the exhibition which has been painfully missing during the pandemic and is still not back to pre-covid times.

Upstairs in the attic, I installed URBS, a structure consisting of paper cut offs from my ‘Into the Wild’ series which I made into objects to form a cluster of shapes, reminiscent of an agglomeration or city. For my contribution to the first, online only, part of the postcard exhibition I worked with existing materials at home and built a small temporary version to exist as a photograph only. At the Küefer Martis Huus I was able to build a much larger structure in real life and place it in the attic with the natural light streaming through the window.

We had a well attended PV on the 9th October. I received lots of interest about The London Group and the postcards and positive feedback for both installations. The exhibition was also covered in the local newspaper

Carol Wyss LG, 2021

Damiano Curschellas, Simon Kindle, Carol Wyss LG & The London Group
9-24 Oct 2021

Giessenstrasse 14
FL 9491 Ruggell

The postcard exhibition will return from Liechtenstein in the new year to be shown at the BOOKARTBOOKSHOP in London from the 17th February – 3rd March 2022.