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New Members

This year after a somewhat chaotic but fun selection process The London Group elected five new members to join the group. The five artists work in a wide range of artistic mediums from photography to constructions to metal sculpture. Three of them were prize winners at the recent Open exhibition. One of them has joined the group for the second time. We are looking forward to see what new ideas and skills they all bring to the group.

Tim Craven

Jeff Dellow

Cadi Froehlich

Martin Heron

Judith Jones


Combines is a small Group Exhibition curated by Mark Dickens inspired by the innovative combination artworks of Robert Rauschenberg and others in the 50s and 60s.

The show features work by Ece Clarke, Mark Dickens, Susan Haire, Annie Johns, Eric Moody, Charlotte C Mortensson, Janet Nathan, Michael Phillipson, David Redfern, Tom Scase, Tommy Seaward, Suzan Swale, and Anthony Whishaw RA in collaboration with film maker Alessandro Farrattini.

December 3-7 2015
Open daily
Admission Free
The Cello Factory
33-34 Cornwall Road
London SE1 8TJ

There are artists talks on Monday the 7th 7-9pm

The London Group Open 2015

The Open was a great success presenting a wonderfully diverse range of art. There were fascinating and well attended talks by members and non members and a great prize night to finish off the show. This year the prizes included challenging new artists and artworks including photgraphy, video and even an x-ray. You can read about the prizes in detail in the press release below.

Here is a list of all the non members featured in the show

Part 1 13-23rd Oct

Kay Bainbridge, Martin Heron, Susan Petticrew, Alex Bunn, David Hogan, Charlie Schaffer, Lynn Carter, Michael Johnson, Aindreas Scholz, Lucy Cash, Susie Koren, Jessie Sheffield, Tim Craven, Luce, YiMiao Shih, Jereme Crow, Mark Lungley, Angela Smith, Jeff Dellow, Karolina Magnusson-Murra, Almuth Tebbenhoff, Cadi Froehlich, James Milne, Eithne Twomey, Nicholas Gentilli, Liz Rajmohani Mundle, Anne Wallace, Steph Goodger, Dominic Negus, Wang Ziling, A Hampson, Simon Nicholas, Emma Witter, Alexandra Harley, Claire Parrish, Qinrun Yu

Part 2 27th Oct-6th Nov

Susan Absolon, Kristian Evju, George Meyrick, Amanda Ansell, Sharon Hall, Darren Nisbett, Belinda Bailey, David Hamilton, Richard Proctor, Louise Balaam, Kaori Homma, Sue Ridge, Richard Starbuck, Amanda Benson, Jae Jo, Richard Starbuck, Orlanda Broom, Judith Jones, Amanda Tseng, Stephen Carley, Arthur Lanyon, Laurence Wale, Gemma Cossey, Rosie Leventon, Lois Wallace, Stathis Dimitriadis, Hywel Livingstone, Zheni Warner, Caitriona Dunnett, Natasha Malik, Christine Watson, Andrew Ekins, Enzo Marra, Eleanor Wood, Saliha Elhoussaini, Ryota Matsumoto

The London Group Open 2015 offers a wonderful opportunity for emerging and established artists to raise their profile, win cash and material prizes worth over 5,000 and exhibit their work to the public alongside the Group's esteemed members. This year entries were made online for the first time, simplifying the application process. Works of all medium were accepted including painting, sculpture, drawing, print, photography, mixed media, and video. The winners will see their work hung in one of two exhibitions, staged during October and November 2015 at The Cello Factory.