Introducing our new members 2024

We have an incredible nine new members! Let’s introduce them and hear how they feel about joining the Group.


Emilia Gonzalez Salgado

I feel very fortunate to have been selected as a member of The London Group and join a cohort of powerful artists who are actively redefining how art can challenge our expectations and become more impactful with the support of the collective.

I had the opportunity to participate in The London Group Open 2023 which opened a door; not only to a historic space for meeting and discussion but, most importantly, to a recognition of the immense value and necessity of the collective. The people I encountered gave new context and tenderness to being a working artist. They demonstrated how it is possible to engage from within the arts beyond individual practices, building support systems, and opportunities for the group while maintaining an active thread of high-quality contemporary artwork.


Lesley Bunch

I am thrilled to have been elected as a member of the London Group. Having been introduced to the group years ago by co-exhibitor friends, including Genetic Moo LG and Jockel Liess LG, I have long admired its members’ work, exhibitions, energy, aims and ethos. It was a great honour to be selected for the open last year, and to be awarded the Cornelissen Materials Art Prize, and I am hugely grateful to Peter Clossick LG for nominating me for membership. I am excited to contribute, and for the opportunities membership will open up for new friendships, discussions, projects and collaborations.


Gary Clough

I am very excited and honoured to have been elected to the membership of the London Group and to have the opportunity to become part of an amazing legacy and community of artists and practitioners. I have been familiar with the Group and many of its members work for many years and was recently part of The London Group Open in 2023. The exhibition’s diversity and multidisciplined approach really resonated with my practice and approach. It’s this resonance I am looking forward to exploring further and building on as a member and look forward to working more closely with the group.


Sayako Sugawara

I am thrilled to be elected as a member of The London Group, where many artists whose work I admire are also members. I first came across The London Group through getting to know Victoria Rance’s work, then subsequently visiting one of the last London Group Opens held at the Cello factory. Last year I was very fortunate to have work accepted in the London Group Open. I’d like to thank Anne Leigniel LG for nominating me and guiding me through the preparation of my application, and also all the other artists who kindly supported me along the way. I very much look forward to getting to know other artists in the group and exchanging ideas with them.


Barbara Beyer

It means a lot to me to have been nominated and selected as a member of The London Group. What really strikes me is the sense of Community, Solidarity, Respect and Excitement around each other’s work. Artists are often set up to work in competition against each other, but I strongly believe that art thrives when artists are supporting artists. In my experience, when taking part in The London Group exhibition “Catch your Breath” in 2022 and The London Group Open at the Copeland Gallery in 2023, the Group acts on this premise: artists working with each other and for each other. I believe in the current political and financial climate this is ever more important and I am looking forward to being an active part of this dynamic Group.


Jonathan Armour

Being accepted into The London Group this year follows being awarded the Schauerman Digital Art Prize at the London Group Open in November 2023. This was a major milestone for me and the development of my digital artwork, and so joining the historic London Group now feels like the beginning of a new journey. I look forward to meeting and working with like-minded creatives- I am sure that we will create many thought-provoking, engaging new artworks and exhibitions together.


J. Yuen Ling Chiu

It has been nearly twenty years since I first came across The London Group as a newly arrived immigrant and fine art graduate student. I never imagined I would have the honour and pleasure to be elected as a member! I have followed the Group for many years, and have always admired the strong curatorial and research-based ethos of their exhibitions. I look forward to collaborating on exhibitions, projects and publications with such a diverse range of committed artist practitioners.


Jemma Appleby

I feel very honoured to be elected as a member of The London Group and to be part of an artists’ collective with such a rich history. I was fortunate enough to be able to exhibit with the Group last year and was able to see the vast array of ideas present amongst the esteemed members – such an inspiring collection. I am very much looking forward to being able to share my time and skills with the group and hope to work, exhibit and share ideas with everyone soon.


Stathis Dimitriadis

My relationship with The London Group started back in 2013 when I was selected to exhibit in the Centenary Open. I only knew Genetic Moo LG, Tim & Nicola, who little by little planted the idea and stirred my desire of becoming a member and I am so grateful they did. Through the always exciting Open exhibitions and the fascinating talks, I got to know more & more about the Group, admire the quality of work produced and be convinced of its unique proposal and place in the art landscape.

I want to thank Martin Darbyshire LG who nominated me after the last Open and I am delighted now to join you. I am so looking forward to contributing to the energy, freshness, and diversity that I feel is the natural strength of the Group. Collaborating with such powerful artists and engaging with the public through shows and workshops is where I hope to bring value to the future of the Group.