The Mind has Mountains

Opening this Tuesday, a solo exhibition by London Group Member Carol Wyss curated by Cornelia Kolb-Wieczorek

The Mind has Mountains
Kunstraum Engländerbau
Städtle 37
Postfach 259
9490 Vaduz
Fürstentum Liechtenstein

March 26, 2024 to May 19, 2024.
PV 26 March 2024 7pm

The impulse for Carol Wyss’ work is initially a fundamental interest in the laws of regulatory structures and their changeability. The question of development processes of various forms of existence, especially in the organic area, is in the foreground. This was already evident in her early works, when, starting from machine parts and technical objects, she achieved organic-looking forms through artistic transformation.

Out of the same interest, she finally discovered the human skeleton and its individual parts as a repertoire of forms and from this developed her specific artistic vocabulary, on which the two- and three-dimensional works and installations, created primarily using graphic means, have since been based. To this day, her work, in a variety of formulations, revolves around the framework of the body and thus around an ordering structure that she sees as representative of the variety of other structures and patterns of organic life. The effort to achieve abstraction is very important. Without wanting to deny the formal origin, the abstraction should go so far that it leaves the works ambiguous scope for interpretation and avoids superficiality. In this way, exciting series of works are created, some of which still reveal representational elements, but which are often highly abstract and only reveal a reference to the organic, botanical or landscape in an associative way.

The exhibition in the Kunstraum Engländerbau builds a bridge, without retrospective ambition, from the early to the current works, from the works that formally come from a technical environment to the large-format prints based on the human skeleton, which are created in an extremely complex artistic process and here one will form a spacious installation. In this way, Carol Wyss’s authentic and consistently developed artistic language becomes clear.

installation photos