Year of the Pig

Chinese New Year of the Pig, “Four legs good, two legs bad”
Another exciting underground exhibition.

Year of the Pig 2019

Two hundred yards from London’s National Gallery, over 100 international artists including several from the London Group (Susan Haire, Alexandra Harley, Paul Tecklenberg, Clive Burton & Tisna Westerhof) are staging a TAKE OVER of an underground car park for four days of FREE art, music, performance and dance to celebrate Chinese New Year 2019.

This subterranean expo in the Whitcomb Street Q-Park is a unique opportunity to
explore a slice of the capital’s DIY contemporary art scene in the heart of the West
End, experiencing myriad artist responses to the theme of Year of the Pig and ‘Four
legs good, two legs bad’, a quote from George Orwell’s prescient 1945 book Animal

Urban, underground, it is the contemporary art antidote to the flock wallpaper &
institutionalized art of the National Gallery just 200 yards away. Here below street
level you can encounter anything – and probably will!

Chance upon a lone tap dancer, discover installations about race, gender and
migration, hear Euro Asian electronic music and watch an adult interpretation of the
Three Little Pigs fairytale by Butoh Dance. Witness an invitation to dinner with a
twist, visually consider capitalism and ecology, visit a paper theatre and think about
pigs in ancient literature. Walk on Brexit poetry, question the meaning of wealth and
happiness and much more. It’s energetic, irreverent, thought provoking and fun. We
look forward to you joining us underground!

#CNYLondon is the largest celebration in the world (outside Asia) with Trafalgar
Square, Leicester square and Chinatown hosting over 300,000 visitors enjoying
everything from dragon dances, martial arts and parades to pyrotechnics and
Chinese cuisine.

Curated by Rebecca Feiner / An Elements Gallery Project