WAC 2020

Four London Group members, Mark DickensAlexandra Harley and Charlotte C. MortenssonAlex Ramsay have been shortlisted for the prestigious Wells Art Contemporary.

Tom Waugh, Anonymous, WAC 2020

For its 2020 edition, Wells Art Contemporary received a record-breaking number of entries from 50 different countries around the world. Out of nearly 3,600 submissions sent by 1,742 creatives, 128 pieces by 122 artists were shortlisted by selectors Lisa Wright, Neville Gabie and Phillip Allen – making Wells Art Contemporary 2020 an exhibition of the very best in contemporary art today, across all disciplines, media and subjects.

All shortlisted works will be available to view and to purchase in a digital exhibition opening online on 1 October 2020 with the support of Arts Council England. The shortlisted artworks will also be displayed on a screen in the south transept of Wells Cathedral, allowing cutting-edge contemporary art to resonate with the 850-year-old architecture.

With pieces from emerging and established artists priced from £200 to £25,000 and spanning across painting, drawing, sculpture, video and photography, there will be an artwork for every collector and budget. From provocative self-photography to political paintings, hyper realistic portraits to abstract sculptures, and humorous videos to surrealistic images, the WAC shortlist is vibrant, honest, surprising and enticing… in a word, wacky.


The artists shortlisted for Wells Art Contemporary 2020 are:

Aaron Illsley, Aimee Labourne, Alex Ramsay, Alex Roberts, Alexandra Harley, Alice Peillon, Amanda Benson, Amanda Wallwork, Amy Robson, Andrew Leventis, Andrew Litten, Anna Woodward, B. Chehayeb, Ben Johnson, Bill Stewart, Camilla Laing-Tate, Caragh Savage, Caroline Jane Harris, Casper Scarth, Catherine Trowbridge, Charles Williams, Charlotte C. Mortensson, Chris Shaw Hughes, Ciaran Bowen, Clare Rees-Hales, Corinna Spencer, Daisy Clarke, Dali Wu, Day Bowman, Dipali Gupta, Dominic Negus, Duncan Mckellar, Edwin Aitken, Eldarin Yeong, Enzo Marra, Eugenia Cuellar, Galina Agafonova, Gary Goodman, Gary Scholes, Grant Watson, Habib Hajallie, Hannah Rose Thomas, Helen Acklam, Heming Zhang, Henry Ward, Henry Ward, Howard Rogers, Hugh Mendes, Ignacio Aguilar, Jack Paffett, Jakub Pasierkiewicz, Janet Lynch, Jayne-Anita Smith, Jeremy Simmons, Jesse Smith, Jo McChesney, Jocelyn McGregor, John Wyatt Clarke, Joshua Armitage, Joshua Uvieghara, Julia Hall, Juliette Losq, Karl Albert Jansen, Katherine James, Katie Sollohub, Laurie Steen, Lawrence Nash, Line Nilsen, Liqing Tan, Liz Gregory, Lottie Stoddart, Lucy Soni, Luke Tomlinson, Madeleine Strindberg, Marie-Claire Hamon, Mark Dickens, Matthew Askey, Matthieu Leger, Melanie Comber, Melanie Miller, Merav Tal-Or, Nadja Plein, Natali Issahary, Niki Hare, Oona Grimes, Orlanda Broom, Paula MacArthur, Peter Stiles, Peter Webster, Poppy Whatmore, Rachel Gibson, Rachel Levitas, Rebecca Griffiths, Rebecca Harvey, Reginald S. Aloysius, Richard Baker, Richard Rawlins, Rob Grieve, Roger Thorp, Roy Eastland, Ruth Norman, Ruthie Martin, Sally Gordon, Sally Gorham, Sandra Porter and Sarah Bold.