Vic Kuell RIP

Vic Kuell died on 30 September 2015 at 91. Friend, tutor and role-model to many members, he will be sadly missed.

Vic Kuell

Vic loved and revered The London Group and it played a central part in his life. He was elected to the Group in 1981. He became Treasurer in 1990 and was also an Honorary Member. He re-wrote the Constitution around 2005 with Morris Kestelman making it as open and enabling as possible and we use their version today with gratitude. Vic came be seen as the most highly regarded head hanger of London Group exhibitions and this was his role for many years.

As a testament to what the Group meant to him, in 2010 Vic gave paintings on paper to the Group to raffle one work a month for a year and about 700 pounds was raised. And now he has left all his paintings to The London Group to be sold to raise funds. We will hold an exhibition of the work at The Cello Factory, probably in 2017. As well as wanting to leave this valuable legacy to the Group Vic particularly wanted members to be able to have his paintings at affordable prices. Vic’s loyalty to the Group was unsurpassed. Not only did he never miss a Group show or event until very recently but he went to every exhibition that a member was in and lamented that more members didn’t do the same. Vic’s final outing was to deliver his last painting to The London Group Open – a supporter to the end!