The Tipping Point

Victoria Rance LG will be showing Nut/Nuit and some small pewter sculptures in this group show opening this weekend, 10th May.

pewter sculptures by Victoria Rance

The Tipping Point
Bell House, 27 College Rd, Dulwich, London SE21 7BG
PV 10 May 6 to 8pm
Open weekends of 11 & 12 May and 18 & 19 May, 11am to 6pm
On Sunday 12 May at 3pm artist Lydia Julien will be performing at Bell House with Nut/Nuit.

Sarah Sparkes and Jane Millar were invited by Kim Thornton to curate two rooms in Bell House in response to her theme ‘The Tipping Point Magical or Malevolent?’They have taken Octavia Butler’s ‘Parable of the Sower’ as their starting point.

Artists: Jonathan Callan, Chudamani Clowes, Sarah Doyle, Lydia Julien, Marq Kearey, David Leapman, Yair Meshoulam, Jane Millar, Stephen Nelson, Victoria Rance, Alke Schmidt, Lex Shute, Ania Tomaszewska-Nelson, Sarah Sparkes, Sara Trillo, Marianne Walker, Alice Wilson

“Octavia Butler’s dystopian novel opens in 2024, when capitalism, wealth inequalities, repressive regimes and climate disintegration have led to a rapid and violent breakdown of society. The novel’s protagonist, 15 year old Lauren Oya Olamina, creates a new belief system, ‘Earthseed’, where the only lasting truth is change and where all the seeds of life may be transplanted and adapted to new situations and locations, ultimately, beyond Earth.

We are all entangled – humans, animals, plants, fungi, earth, water, fire, air – yet it seems that the human condition is to wait for tipping points, transformative catastrophes to precipitate urgent change and then, only as a means of return to an illusionary status quo.

Our artists explore a new awareness of change and exchange, a constant shifting of strange identities, the malleability of being, interspecies communication and the strength and vulnerability of community. We are imagining new ways to merge; ways to intelligently and sensually live in the flux of a perpetual tipping point.” Sarah Sparkes & Jane Millar 2024

instagram: @thetippingpoint_24