The London Group Open 2019: Prize winners

Congratulations to all our 2019 Open prize winners. What a fantastic display of skill and range of practice. 

Artlyst Prize of £500 / Winner: Maya Ramsay

Maya Ramsay “Leave or Remain”

Schauerman Prize of £500 for Digital Art / Winner: Chirag Jindal

Chirag Jindal “No 12 The Uncanny”

Chelsea Arts Club Trust Stan Smith Memorial Prize of £750 for research and materials for an artist under 35 / Winner: Bethany Marett

Bethany Marett “Corpus”

Vic Kuell Memorial Prize of £1,000 for Innovation / Winner: Josh Grey-Jung

Josh Grey-Jung “The Reservoir”

Jeff Lowe Sculpture prize for £1,000 / Winner: Lisa Traxler

Lisa Traxler “Time Traveller Division 1”

JPES partnership prize of £1,000 / Winner: Chris Horner

Chris Horner “Space of Play”

Ingram Collection Purchase Prize of £2,000 / Winner: Barbara Nati

Barbara Nati “Shooting Clouds, Stratocumulus”

Felix & Spear Prize of a one-person exhibition / Winner: Rosie Leventon

Rosie Leventon “Down”

Presidents Prize of a three-person exhibition in The Cello Factory
Winners: Paul Bonomini, Duncan McKellar, Linda Simon

Paul Bonomini “Stakkr”
Duncan McKellar “Ray of Hope”
Linda Simon “Photoshop-20.0.4”