Sandra Crisp is part of ART OF NO LIKES, an online project curated by Zaiba Jabbar HERVISIONS as part of ARBYTE ON SCREEN (AOS) Arbyte Gallery, London and the Athens Digital Art Festival

The AOS project will include PERPETUAL BROWSE_R and PERPETUAL BROWSE_R_2 videos plus a selection of images from recent DATASCAPE series, and some new zoom images that show hidden detail not usually visible when work is viewed on a phone or monitor screen. The work will be exhibited AOS/ Hervisions area of Artbyte gallery website and is in-progress right now.

About AOS

AOS is a platform dedicated to artist videos, multimedia experiences and curatorial interventions utilising digital formats. AOS invites web-based artists, digital artists and curators from around the world to experiment with new forms of creating, curating and presenting art online. 

The artists and curators of AOS present past projects, work-in-progress and new work; often addressing current trends and theoretical discussion in art, the work on AOS also branches into political, economic and social topics as a way of mapping a collective territory.’ Direction: Rebecca Edwards, Nimrod Vardi

Sandra Crisp_ from DATASCAPE series

Athens Digital Art Festival

Sandra’s perpetual browse_r_2 has been selected for ADAF 16th edition | TECHNOTRIBALISM in Greece . During global lockdown, the festival will be held online ADAF ONLINE OPENING 10 JULY 2020