Making Sunset

Nick Watson’s short film of Almuth Tebbenhoff LG making and discussing her steel sculpture ‘Sunset’.

“I grew up on flat land, under big skies without television. Sunsets were entertainment, church and catalysts for thinking and feeling across vast distances.

Sunsets were frustrating though because I could not hold on to the awesome beauty.

Now I construct open cages for elusive stuff: joy, fear, humour, awe; welded together piece by piece from angle iron. I want to hold onto something precious, a moment of absorption in beauty, an understanding for a microsecond of infinity or eternity.

Because this container is open on all sides it can do that: it can contain temporarily the wind, sunlight, sunset and darkness. A fragrance, thoughts, maybe some mist or rain – all this passes through. Our bodies have blood and air pulsing through; they are containers that hold, for a while, the most precious substance: LIFE.”

Almuth Tebbenhof, 2018

‘Sunset’ in Holland Park

Almuth will be exhibiting a number of bronze sculptures from her Indensities series in the Gallery Pangolin Sculptors’ Maquettes Exhibition, 9 Chalford Industrial Estate, Chalford, Stroud GL6 8NT, which opens on the 1st October and runs until the 9th November.