Sumi Perera [SuperPress EDITIONS]

A brace of Artist Books, Print Installations & Exhibitions over the Christmas period by one of the group’s busiest artists. 

Dentons Art Prize

THE ARCHITECTURAL UNCANNY-SUBLIMINAL SPACES (TAU-SS) is an interactive colour changing artistbook installation shown at two venues which change configuration from one venue to the other, first shown at the LG OPEN 2023 & The Festival Of Print:

Shortlisted for the Denton Art Prize. Curated by Tim Shaw & Niamh White, the founders of Hospital Rooms.
An annual award and exhibition for exceptional artists held for the duration of a year:
Denton Law Firm
No: 1 Fleet Place
December 2022 – December 2023
The Judges:
John Cavanagh – Chair of Art Angel, and supporter of the arts
Sutapa Biswas – artist, currently at the Tate Britain exhibition ‘Women in Revolt’ & many others.
Judith Nezri – Associate Director, Hauser & Wirth


Hansard Studios
10 Hansard Mews London
13th December -13th January 2024
Curated by Philippa Beale and Jean Wainright with a contribution form Sue Hubbard

Here again a 3-plate etching transforms escapes the glass and travels along the walls regenerating at each exposition.
I will be doing an Artist Talk at Hansard Studios on:
PROCESS Versus Product – Sketchbooks versus Artist Books. I will expound the importance of PROCESS over the ‘final’ work, which is a merely by-product that is subject to change, constantly in a state of flux.
5th January

Process versus Product

Art Pavilion
Mile End
1st 10th December 2023

THE ARCHITECTURAL UNCANNY-SUBLIMINAL SPACES (TAU-SS) is an interactive colour changing artistbook installation that alludes to the man made spaces, that displaced people occupy, which has never been more relevant than now.
It scratches at a scab that was partially healing for our personal stories as scattered diaspora from a protracted civil war of 26 years in Sri Lanka. 

An on-going body of work that began during lockdown that looks at the reality of homelessness, borders, boundaries, territories… 
Where do we call home?  Which plot of earth is our land?  
Is it this subconscious dilemma of not knowing the answer that compels/drives me to harvest soil, mud, dust & even water from different countries that I have lived/occupied to use within my work? Is this my attempt to cling onto the basic building blocks of survival?
TAU-SS a multimodular interactive (changes colour with heat or touch) installation arrives mostly flat-packed & expands or contracts on site to occupy the given margins.
Much like our wobbly nomadic existence in many homes since the 1960s flitting between Sri Lanka & UK, until stability was gained by British citizenship in 2001. 
It contains materials ‘scavenged’ from sites of artist residencies (in Beijing, Venice, Marcilac-sur-Cele, London and Yinchuan); personal memorabilia, public skips & flea markets.
A broken house rescued from a wastebin in a charity shop, was reconstructed & extended from its original size, widening the crack & gap.
It is mounted on a sheet of aluminium, used as an ink palette with dried up ink (preserved from around 20 years ago). I continuously draw & paint over this surface with earth pigments & sand at each exposition. This ‘base-plate’ was part of a touring exhibition titled CRAFT & CONFLICT curated by Dr Karen Babayan that visited 7 locations to commemorate the end of World War 1 in 2018; & shortlisted for the Cumbria Cultural Arts Award.
An essay by Prof Chris Taylor:  
A single graphite line escapes the edge and trails over the white plastered gallery wall…

More info & images on:

London Bridge is Not Falllng Down

No Format Gallery.
Second Floor Studios
1st/2nd/3rd & 7th Dec 1-6pm 2023

Bankside Gallery
8 Dec-1 February 2024

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