Studio88’s Artist Residency

London Group member Jonathan Armour selected for month-long residency in Thailand

Jonathan Armour will be working alongside international artists Rachel Chapman (Australia), Kim Liyoun & Kim Sono (South Korea), and Dr. Tobias Wiggins (Canada). The topic of this residency is Gender–Fluid: Evolving Identities.

“Gender – Fluid: Evolving Identities is an open-ended theme that encourages artists to delve into the multifaceted nature of gender. Creatives are encouraged to examine how gender is perceived, experienced, and expressed in our society. This residency seeks to foster a dialogue on topics such as identity, self-expression, societal expectations, and the intersectionality of gender with other aspects of our lives.”

Jonathan’s idea for the residency is to craft silk garments using texture maps of real people, aiming for a collaborative choreographed performance, inspired by the flowing silk movements akin to ‘whirling dervishes’ dance. The goal is to delve into the external expression of gender identity.

More about the residency and the artists

Studio 88 believes in the power of art to interact with nature, people and culture in daily life, challenging ways of thinking and inspiring alternative perspectives. A core part of the Studio 88 project is to foster intercultural exchanges around issues of our times.

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