The Studio, 1945

An article on The London Group by Elliott Seabrooke. First published February 1945.


Elliott Seabrooke, British landscape and still-life painter, joined The London Group in 1920 and was the Group’s President from 1943 – 48

The Studio: An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art was an illustrated fine arts and decorative arts magazine published in London from 1893 until 1964. The founder and first editor was Charles Holme. It was absorbed into Studio International magazine in 1964. wiki/The_Studio_(magazine)

Peter Clossick PPL obtained this copy of The Studio through John Watson from Penzance, a collector, whose Instagram moniker is @camberwellcollector. Watson concentrates his collection on the various threads from the Camberwell School of Art, including Peter Clossick, Julie Held LG and Anthony Eyton LG and is an enthusiastic supporter and follower of The London Group.