Corpus: A Presentation of Bodies

Stanislas (Sławomir) Blatton LG exhibition at Willesden Gallery London 14 Dec – 7 Jan 2022

Stanislas (Sławomir) Blatton LG

14 Dec 2021 – 7 January 2022
Willesden Gallery
95 High Road, London NW10 2SF 

“Surging through the exhibition space, a corpus of paintings perform corporeality.  This selection has been drawn from a much larger body of work in watercolour (over 600), created over a ten-year period, by London-based artist Stanislas Blatton, who has committed to a practice of extraordinary physiological attentiveness.  There is nothing tame or genteel about these watercolours.  The dribbles, bleeds, stains, puddles, blooms of the medium become equivalents for mottled, pulsating, historiated skin; for breathing, flexing, sagging, emotional flesh. Watercolour becomes both metaphoric and metonymic of body fluids and flows.  The gestural movements of the medium register shifting rhythms and exchanges of bodily energies between artist and model.” Lizzie Perrotte, 2021 (full text here)

exhibition flyer