Schatten haschen

London Group Members Barbara Beyer MRSS and Sayako Sugawara in Group show with Marie-Therese Ross MRSS.

Schatten haschen (snatching shadows)
Swiss Cottage Library Gallery
Swiss Cottage Library
88 Avenue Road
London NW3 3HA

30 /05/2024 – 06/07/2024

PV 29/05/2024 6pm -8pm
Monday – Thursday: 10am – 8pm
Friday to Saturday: 10am – 5pm
Sunday: Closed

The exhibition will include a series of events, artist talks and workshops.
Follow @schatten_haschen for details of events.

Three Camden Artist based in Camden
Photo, Sculpture, Installation, Drawing
Accompanying Exhibition Text Aliki Braine

Schatten haschen (snatching shadows)

A three-person exhibition of work by Barbara Beyer MRSS, Marie-Therese Ross MRSS and Sayako Sugawara, of works inspired by regular meetings at the Swiss Cottage Library. The title of the exhibition comes from a German children’s book that they found on the book swap shelf in the Library’s cafeteria. Das Goldene Geschichten Buch by Frida Schanz was published by Levy Muller, a German Jewish children’s book publisher that was expropriated by the Nazi Regime in the run up to the Second World War. Somehow this book managed to leave Germany and travelled all the way to Britain and eventually into the protective arms of the Swiss Cottage Library. The onomatopoeic sounds as well as the imagery of the words, especially in German, appealed to the three artists particularly as sculpture and photography play and explore shadows.

These three artists, with studios based in the Borough of Camden, embrace materiality and the object. They sculpt light, clay and wood into shapes and ideas that echo past creatives from Camden, including John Constable, Anthony Caro, Paula Rego and Frank Auerbach, and reflecting its rich artistic history as a source of inspiration. Each artist exercises her skills to
communicate a vision of the world using her hands, but in different media. Barbara Beyer MRSS is based at Rochester Square in Camden where she works with clay. Marie-Thérèse Ross MRSS has had a studio at Kingsgate Workshops since 2007 and works with wood. Sayako Sugawara lives and works in West Hampstead, where she works with photography.

These artists frequently take creative journeys in libraries and museums, drawing from books and objects. They value their source materials that lie at the foundation of their made objects, and actively demonstrate the art of object making by creating a library of curiosities. Large drawings, photographs and sculptures will be displayed, the viewer will also be invited to pore over display cases filled with a variety of source materials, including small experimental objects made of paper, wood and clay, displayed with drawings and open sketchbooks, maquettes as well as found objects that have inspired them. The artists will
present the story of their personal pathway to creating objects.

Barbara Beyer: 
Marie-Thérèse Ross: 
Sayako Sugawara: 

Sayako Sugawara is a London based Japanese artist working with photography, moving image and installation. Using various photographic processes and the cognitive associations that occur in the physical aspect of creative development, her work explores notions of memory and imagination, analysis and poetics, stillness and movement. Sayako is member of The London Group. She has exhibited internationally (BE, CH,CN, DE, ES, JP, NL) in both solo and group shows; most recent solo show at Ibasho Gallery, Antwerp, BE(2022) and recent group show includes, London Alternative Photography Collective’s Beyond Silver and Symbiosis, Photo Basel, Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair and London Group Open.

Barbara Beyer is a Sculptor living and working in Camden. Barbara is member of the Royal Society of Sculptors, The London Group and Studio Member at Rochester Square Ceramics in Camden. In her work she is drawn to minimal and archaic forms, natural and manmade and the evoking sensation of the sculptural object. Her work addresses and celebrates but also questions the consequences of our fundamental ability to shape, change and make. Traces of process remain, material qualities and potential become visible and form an essential part of her work. Beyer has shown widely nationally and internationally, and her latest exhibition include: 2023 London Group Open, Copeland Gallery; Wells Art Contemporary 23, site-specific installation Wells Cathedral,; Royal Society of Sculptors Summer Show, Dora House ; Wander_land Tremenheere Sculpture Garden On the Edge, Espacio Gallery, 2022 Catch your Breath, Waterloo Park; Together We Rise, Chichester Cathedral; unterwegs solo exhibition Northouse Gallery Manningtree

Marie-Thérèse Ross explores the hidden workings of the mind, focusing on states of physical, emotional & psychological transformation. Her work appears humorous as well as darkly subversive, seeming to hide herself in plain sight. She creates atmospheric installations
creating domestic interiors with anthropomorphic furniture, wall-based sculptures and trapped giant black birds. By focusing on the personal interior versus the outside world, Ross grapples with themes and ideas that include feminism, childhood, mortality, the body, displacement
and the human condition. She won the Art Gemini Sculpture Prize in 2021. Her work has been exhibited at the Elysium Gallery Swansea, Royal Cambrian Academy Wales, The Stone Space, and APT Gallery in London. In 2022 she was commissioned by Camden council to design posters for newly restored Swiss Cottage Library. Marie-Thérèse Ross MRSS is a member of The Royal Society of Sculptors and lives and works in London. She studied painting at Loughborough College of Art and has a Masters in sculpture from the University of Pennsylvania USA.

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