London Group members Alex Harley and Paul Bonomini in “Reveal” an exhibition of work by staff in the Printmaking, Bookbinding and Sculpture departments at Morley College.


7th – 28th February
Morley Gallery
61 Westminster Bridge Road,
London, SE1 7HT

Alex Harley: “My materials-led sculptural practice focuses on ideas of motion, animation and flux, through the mediums of wood, stone, bronze, paper and clay. While not actually kinetic, I create spatial and dynamic configurations to capture and render motion, constructing complex sculptural forms from multiple elements.

Lledr Pava is a ceramic sculpture with a complex painted surface to create a rippled spatial effect across the surface, upsetting the visual depth of field. Etbruna has a pulsing rhythmic interplay between the bronze and the airways through the sculpture.”

Paul Bonomini: “My creative practice is driven and guided by materiality, from the initial stages of encounter, gathering an archive of potential components, to the resulting large-scale sculptural compositions that interrogate the relationship between the human body and our physical environment.

“On Closer Examination….” This piece forms part of a new body of work entitled “Comments”. The sculpture focuses on Humankind’s greed and capacity for self-destruction. Fluctus Is an expression of the energy of movement, an abstract representation of water, light and the human spirit. A ripple becomes a stream, a river, a torrent, a wave. Light waves are refracted by water and glass. Our spirit is passed from person to person, creating a wave of positive or negative feelings.”

‘Reveal’ brings together the work of 26 artists working across Printmaking, Bookbinding and Sculpture departments at Morley College. Curated by two tutors in each of the Printmaking and Sculpture departments; Alexandra Harley, Andrew Revell, David Holah and Rob White. You will see the work of artist sculptors and printmakers across diverse mediums and techniques from Japanese woodcut and Bronze casting, showcasing how important the exploration of materials is to practice.