Redefining Structure

In these changing times Redefining Structure is a follow up exhibition to a show in the Cello Factory in 2018 curated by London Group member Alex Hinks.

ReDefining Structure Launch Poster

Samuel Zealey | Juan Bolivar | Etienne De Villiers | Pen Dalton | Alexander Hinks | Juliette Losq | Henry Tyrrell | Andrea V Wright | Rita Parniczky | Fiona Grady | Jane Harris | Benjamin Deakin | Robert Dunt | Luke Dowd | Christina Augustesen | Patrick O’Sullivan | Kasper Pincis

In these challenging times our whole way of life has dramatically changed. Covid 19 has spread across the globe and there is no immediate end in sight. Our daily lives now consist of confinement, as we adapt to a new structure.  

The Defining Structure group exhibition at The Cello Factory, 2018, set out to examine our complex environment, organic to industrial and the vast spectrum of molecules to universes. 

Redefining Structure is a celebration of this exhibition, the artists’ practices, while also reflecting on these difficult times. The original show consisted of many diverse artworks, which created wonderful and intriguing connections. Each exhibiting artist has provided five recent artworks, which will be presented alongside the multimedia documentation of the exhibition and artists’ statements. 

Structure tends to call to mind notions of order, stability and efficiency. It should perhaps come as no surprise that the artists featured in this exhibition most often pit structure against chaos and the ephemeral. One has the feeling that rather than having arrived at a definition, one leaves with more questions crowding around the notion of structure and the structures presented. 

“Maybe you will find a definition of structure in this exhibition. Most likely your sense of how we structure our world will be challenged and enriched. ” Simon S

The exhibition can be viewed on the Cello Factory Website

Robert Dunt – LIne Up