Prize Winners for The London Group Open 2023

The London Group is pleased to announce the 2023 award winners for its 85th Open Exhibition, celebrating artworks at the forefront of contemporary practice.

The London Group were delighted to award eight prizes worth over £10,000 to non-member artists at the Prize Giving event on Thursday 16 November 2023

The Cornelissen Materials Art Prize, worth £500: Awarded to Lesley Bunch, for Shadow Sculpture 29

Shadow Sculpture 29 is an oil on wooden panel painting representing shadows of borrowed objects with significant meaning from their lenders. In result, the work portrays a shadow that has formed its own entity.

Photos: Lesley Bunch receiving The Cornelissen Materials Art Prize from Hannah Luxton LG and “Shadow Sculpture 29” oil on wooden panel, 50 x 50cm

The Schauerman Prize for Digital Art, worth £500: Awarded to Jonathan Armour for Sleeve Shock

Sleeve Shock is a time-based digital work representing an interplay between both oil painting and digital mediums to investigate the human body.

‘‘We were blown away by the strange beauty of ‘Sleeve Shock,’ and Jonathan Armour’s remarkable 3D video techniques. We look forward to seeing what he does next,’’ shares Nicola Schauerman, Genetic Moo.

Photos: Jonathan Armour receiving the Schauerman Prize for Digital Art from Nicola Schauerman, Genetic Moo LG and “Sleeve Shock” (cropped still)

“In my creative exploration of the body I am trying to devise digital techniques which make the pixel as visceral as oil paint on canvas. This prize and the feedback from so many during the exhibition suggests that I am achieving that in some way. These moments of recognition help ignite the long periods of simply making and working. Thank you so much.” Jonathan Armour

The Chelsea Arts Club Trust Stan Smith Award for an Artist Under 35, worth £1,000: Awarded to Ciana Taylor for Sex Education for Girls

Sex Education for Girls is a moving image work replicating an Irish sex education film from the ‘80s, in combination with distorted realities, forming an interrogation into the artist’s personal story.

Photos: Ciana Taylor receiving the Chelsea Arts Club Trust Stan Smith Award from Gill Ingham LG and film still from “Sex Education for Girls”, 8m 55s (cropped still)

“As a young video artist, winning the Chelsea Arts Club Trust Award for an Artist under 35 is a huge honour. It is so incredibly validating (and surreal) to be chosen from such a talented group of artists, especially by such prestigious and admirable organisations. I am so grateful!

” ‘Sex Education for Girls’ is a deeply personal film which I made for those who have been failed by that which should have protected them. To receive this level of support behind a topic so dear to me is incredibly special.” Ciana Taylor

The Vic Kuell Memorial Prize for Innovation, worth £1,000: Awarded to Emilia Gonzalez for Lean In

Lean In is a mixed media installation of clay, rubber and vapour-distilled scent, delving into themes of identity and the body.

Photos: Emilia Gonzalez receiving the Vic Kuell Memorial Prize for Innovation from Jockel Liess LG and “Lean In” clay, rubber, vapour distilled scent 150×150 (variable)

“I feel so honoured and thankful to have received the Vic Kuell memorial prize. Knowing of his legacy and dedication to The London Group, and his generous contributions that have enabled the development of many other artists, I am especially aware of the privilege that it is to see my work in this context. This show has furthered my desire to engage in conversation with the practices of the wonderful and powerful artists who are actively redefining how art can interrupt our expectations and become more impactful with the support of the collective.” Emilia Gonzalez

The JPES Partnership Prize, worth £1,000: Awarded to Stef Will for Untitled (Medicine Corrupted 2)

Untitled (Medicine Corrupted 2) presents an intersection of art and science to explore the human condition.

“We have long been a proud supporter of the arts community and are very pleased to sponsor the Partnership Prize once again,’’ says Miles Donohoe, Managing Director, JPES Partners. ‘‘The London Group’s ongoing commitment to providing a showcase for emerging artists plays a crucial role in giving a vital platform to new talent. We are delighted to be able to present our prize to Stef Will at the Prize Giving evening.’’

Photos: Stef Will receiving the JPES Partnership Prize Miles Donohoe, Managing Director, JPES Partners and “Untitled (Medicine Corrupted 2)” dye-sublimation print on aluminium, 70 x 50 cm

“It was an absolute pleasure and an honour to be selected to exhibit with The London Group, and a privilege to see my work sit amongst so many remarkable works of art. I feel profoundly grateful and very proud to have received the prestigious JPES Partnership Art Prize for ‘Untitled (Medicine Corrupted 2)’, and such supportive feedback and validation for my work. I am touched that this challenging work was recognised, as it is may not be the easiest to digest, but is very close to my heart. The show certainly amplified my aspiration to continue the meaningful conversations I had an opportunity to start with members of The London Group.” Stef Will

The Jeff Lowe Sculpture Prize, worth £1,000: Awarded to Peter Newell-Price, for Facade

Facade, where the physical properties of carbon fibre bring the notion of a graphite pencil line into a three-dimensional sculpture.

Photos: Peter Newell-Price receiving The Jeff Lowe Sculpture Prize from Paul Bonomini LG and “Facade” carbon fibre, 93 x76 cm

The Felix & Spear Exhibition Prize: A solo exhibition at the prestigious Felix & Spear Gallery in London, awarded to Ania Tomaszewska-Nelson for Every Fibre

Every Fibre is a video work featuring stitched together items of clothing from people the artist missed, capturing solitude and presence.

Cameron Amiri, Director, Felix & Spear says, ‘‘Ania’s short film is hauntingly beautiful, touching and made a powerful impression, particularly in the current troubled times we’re living through…’’

Photos: Ania Tomaszewska-Nelson receiving the Felix & Spear Exhibition Prize from Amanda Loomes, President of The London Group and “Every Fibre”, 3m 26s (cropped still)

The London Group Prize, worth £2,000 was awarded to Bristol-based artist Niamh Collins for Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush is an oil on canvas painting representing experiences of landscape through colourful abstraction.

Gillian Ingham, the Exhibition Committee Lead for The London Group says, “Niamh Collins’s powerful abstract painting ‘Sugar Rush’ has won The London Group Prize of £2,000. The vibrant and intense use of colour, and the special relationship between ground and forms, excited the selectors. The confident drawing with paint adds to the arresting quality of this painting.”

Photos: Niamh Collins receiving The London Group Prize from Amanda Loomes President of The London Group and “Sugar Rush” oil painting, 88 x 94 cm

“After a bit of a difficult year, being selected was a huge boost to my confidence as an artist.  Being awarded the prize was the icing on the cake!  The fact that the exhibition was selected and judged by fellow artists makes it even more meaningful.  I will be using some of the prize money to buy a good supply of top quality paint, in luscious colours, and I now feel encouraged to carry on painting!” Niamh Collins


All award-winning and selected artworks are on display at the prestigious Copeland Gallery in London, free for public viewing until Sunday 26 November 2023.

Photos of prize winners by David Wiseman LG