{ Presence }

More Cornish action this September. A group show at Tregony Gallery featuring three London Group artists.

Tregony Gallery
58 Fore Street, Tregony, CORNWALL TR2 5RW
from 11th September – 29th September 2018

Preview Weekend: Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th September 2018

Tregony is  an artist run gallery who are very proud to represent Mark Dunford, Daniel Preece and David Wiseman – three current members of the prestigious artist collective The London Group. To coincide with the group’s major exhibitions at the Penwith Gallery and Belgrave St Ives, Tregony Gallery are pleased to present the exhibition { Presence }, highlighting the work by artists from this innovative organisation which holds an integral place in the culture of British art.

The title of the exhibition { Presence } is the connecting theme we feel runs between the
artists’ works. Through their own distinctive approaches to painting – from fluid, ethereal
watercolour to structured compositions and deeply layered planes of colour – each artist
quietly declares their experience of ‘presence’ in their surroundings and chosen subjects.

There is a colour catalogue including lots of information about the three artists here

And the Press release is here