Old And New Places: David Shutt Paintings

The latest exhibition by a London Group member at Felix & Spear.

Plane Tree – The Big Branch David Shutt

‘Over the years I have become increasingly interested in Mediterranean light which led to my acquiring a studio in Greece.  The light remained more or less constant for half the year, through summer, which was a completely new experience, and I was able to paint morning and afternoon pictures in a much more continuous way, day after day.  The plane tree pictures are painted in The Devil’s Gorge (the Devil being the God Pan, one of the oldest Greek deities) near Trizinia.  Plane trees, in such a dramatic environment, as old and wild as they are, made them a magnificent subject and over a 10-year period I spent most of my time painting them…’   David Shutt, 2021

Old And New Places: David Shutt Paintings
13 October – 7 November 2021
Wed-Fri 11-6
Sat & Sun 12-3

Felix & Spear, 71 St. Mary’s Road, London W5 5RG
Tel: 020 8566 1574;   [email protected] 

Catalog to the exhibition is available online at issuu