Modern Portrait Exhibition at Croydon Art Space

Peter Clossick LG is exhibitin 5 oil paintings in this group exhibition.

Peter Clossick, a London Group artist is currently exhibiting artworks in the ‘Modern Portrait Exhibition’ at the Croydon Art Space gallery.

Peter has five oil paintings in the group exhibition in room space 2 of the gallery. The exhibition will end on 5th August 2023. Please see the attached photos, programme booklet and flyers for more information.
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There are three exhibition rooms:

Room 1, features portraits by four Croydon Artists to Celebrate the Borough’s year of culture (Jonny Kemp, Elizabeth Knapp, Rakel Wienberg and Ceramics by Martin Cade).

Room 2, features portraits from Local Artists, Croydon Art Society and the London Group (Peter Clossick, Galina Gumbarova, Monica Mardare, Audrey Beharie McGee and Ceramics by Patricia Moses, and Barbara Gorton).

Room 3, features Sarah Wienberg – Archetypes Exhibition (a local watercolour Croydon artist).

LJ-oil on board- Peter Clossick