Microworld Wolves : A Digital Adventure

Genetic Moo’s other summer show at Wolverhampton Art Gallery

Black Starfish & Silurian Sea

This exhibition has 4 rooms. One very interactive. Two – ambient interaction. Three – workshop results with local teenager group ArtForum. Four video room. The exhibition coast £3 entry and is on all Summer.

The first room is a dark and highly engaging space with 5 huge interactive creatures. The second room is  more contemplative – you could even say artisitic! 4 pieces look across the room and at each other – active digital ecosystems which respond to random fluctuations in their neighbours the room and the audience in the middle. Two of the pieces are themed on the local collections of fossils, rocks and manufactured objects, which are also on display. The other two are the Black and White Starfish which attempt to camouflage themselves within their changing environments. There are two large chairs in the space, so sit back and watch the systems develop in real time – see yourself and the the other creatures reflected around the room.

The exhibition was produced by Lumen Art Projects, and we’d like to thank the staff at WAG and the really impressive technicians.

On until August 28th 10-4pm daily

Tickets avaailable on Eventbrite or on the door

Microworld Wolves: A Digital Adventure



White Starfish