Irish Signatures (More PODS)

Micheál O’Connell (MOCKSIM) LG has released his latest book with the ABC Artists’ Books Cooperative – available online just in time for Christmas.

MOCKSIM Irish Signatures (cover)


Whilst on residency at Uillinn, West Cork Arts Centre, Republic of Ireland in summer 2019 I was looking at how areas of the rural landscape are given over to both golf courses and wind farms. I wondered whether it might not make a sensible proposal to convert the former into the latter (rather than using wilder areas). As part of the experimentation I ordered some toy wind turbines. Whilst waiting for these to arrive by courier it was possible to track the various package movements on-line. To my surprise the tracking data, and the courier company point of delivery signatures (PODS), from others’ orders was also available. One hundred of the resulting signatures (which appear in low resolution jpeg format) are included in this book. These are Irish signatures.

50 copies only being sold. Certificates of Authenticity available on request. More information and easy ordering here links: – Get it for Christmas which is almost here. Makes a lovely present.


ABC Artists’ Books Cooperative

Irish Signature 001
Irish Signature 004